• Eylem Atakav

    Eylem Atakav

    Dr Eylem Atakav is a Lecturer in Film, Television and Media studies. Her research interests include media and cultural politics, gender in film and television, feminist film theory, transnational cinema, women's cinema and Turkish cinema. She is also interested in the relationship between films and cultural memory.

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  • Paul Bernal

    Paul Bernal

    Paul Bernal is a Lecturer in Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Media Law. He is in the final stages of his PhD, researching into internet privacy. He is particularly interested in the commercial gathering and use of personal data particularly by organisations like Google and Facebook and how that use affects our lives, and will increasingly affect our lives in the future.

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  • Peter Bloore

    Peter Bloore

    Peter Bloore is the first Senior Lecturer in Creativity at UEA, and teaches on the scriptwriting strand of the MA in Creative Writing, the MA in Film and TV Studies, and the MA in Creative Entrepreneurship. He also facilitates creativity research across different schools in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Academically he specialises in managing creative people; leadership and management; film and media business; and screenplay development.

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  • Fernanda Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon

    Fernanda Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon

    Dr Fernanda Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon is a Lecturer in Economics. She graduated from Cornell with a PhD in Economics in February 2010. Her research interests are in political economy and public economics. Her PhD dissertation was based on newspaper political endorsements.

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  • Rayna Denison

    Rayna Denison

    Dr Rayna Denison is a Lecturer in Film and Television Studies. The focus of her research and teaching is on the international circulation of film and television texts and cultures. Japanese cinema is a central research and teaching focus, and in addition she has recently been working on the relationships between the national and the global with reference to American film and television.

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  • Ian Edwards

    Ian Edwards

    Dr Ian Edwards is a Senior Lecturer in law. His areas of research include sentencing law and the place of victims in criminal processes. His current research focuses on the place of sentencing guidelines in England and Wales. In terms of media, Dr Edwards explores the criminal law's regulation of public visual art, challenging the received dichotomy between graffiti as art or criminality.

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  • Ulrich Heinze

    Chris Hanretty

    Chris Hanretty is a lecturer in Politics in the School of Political, Social and International Studies. He joined UEA in 2012 from the European University Institute. His doctoral thesis, "The Political Independence of Public Service Broadcasters", won the inaugural Francois Meny Prize for the Best Comparative Study of European Institutions and has now been published by Routledge. His work has been published in Electoral studies and the British Journal of Political Science. He previously studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at St Annes College, University of Oxford, and has worked for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and the OSCE.

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  • Michael Harker

    Michael Harker

    Dr Michael Harker is a Professor in Law specialising in competition and regulation with a particular interest in media regulation. He is a principal investigator of the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy and has written extensively in the area of competition law and utility regulation.

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  • Ulrich Heinze

    Ulrich Heinze

    Dr Ulrich Heinze is a sociologist specializing in Japanese Media Studies and Theories of Intercultural Communication. Before doing research and teaching at the University of Tokyo, he has been working as a journalist at North German Radio. His main interest is focussed on Japanese visual media, e.g. advertisement, manga and TV-programmes, empirically keeping an eye on radio and TV-ratings in the ageing society.

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  • Su Holmes

    Su Holmes

    Dr Su Holmes is Reader in Television Studies. She has teaching and research interests British television history (especially the 1950s), contemporary television genres (especially Reality TV and quiz shows), and the subject of celebrity.

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