• Shaun Hargreaves Heap

    Shaun Hargreaves Heap - Associate Member

    Shaun Hargreaves Heap is a Professor in Political Economics at Kings College, London. He teaches and researches on the economics of the media, and in particular on television. His recent publications in this field have been on the role of public service broadcasting in the digital age (Economic Policy, 2005) and on the influence of different regulatory regimes on trust in television (Kyklos, 2007).

  • Daithí Mac Síthigh

    Daithí Mac Síthigh - Associate Member

    Dr Daithí Mac Síthigh is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Edinburgh. His current research includes the regulation of video games, net neutrality, and the harmonisation of media-related European Union law. Daithí also writes a blog on Internet and media law.

  • Alastair Mullis

    Alastair Mullis - Associate Member

    Professor Alastair Mullis is Head of the Law School at Leeds University. His main research interests lie in the law of defamation and aspects of international commercial law but he has also written extensively in the area of child sexual abuse. He was co-founder of media@uea.

  • Heather Savigny

    Heather Savigny - Associate Member

    Dr Heather Savigny is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at the University of Bournemouth, specialising in political communication, politics and mass media, political marketing. She was co-convenor of the PSA's Media and Politics Specialist Group.