• Sanna Inthorn

    Sanna Inthorn

    Dr Sanna Inthorn is a Senior Lecturer in Society, Culture and Media specialising in citizenship and popular culture; media and identity. Her research explores the role of the media in constructing concepts of national and civic identity and the media's potential to invigorate the public sphere.

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  • Mark Jancovich

    Mark Jancovich

    Mark Jancovich is a Professor in the School of Film, Television and Media Studies. His research interests lie in the areas of film, media and cultural theory; genre studies (particularly horror, pornography and the historical epic); audience and reception studies; and contemporary popular television.

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  • Keith Johnston

    Keith Johnston

    Keith Johnston is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Film, Television and Media Studies. His current teaching and research focuses on film marketing, media technologies, film and television aesthetics, and genre. His research interest in film marketing materials (and their role within culture and national media industries) has been published in Convergence, Film International, Media History, the Journal of Popular Film and Television and in his book Coming Soon: Film Trailers and the Selling of Hollywood Technology (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. 2009). He has recently guest edited a special issue of Frames Cinema Journal on promotional materials (http://framescinemajournal.com/), and was featured in a June 2013 special report on trailers and technology in Wired.

  • Emily Laidlaw

    Emily Laidlaw

    Emily Laidlaw joined the UEA Law School as a Lecturer in 2011. Emily's research interests are in the areas of digital human rights, Internet and new media regulation and corporate governance. She has taught a variety of courses for Law and non-Law students, particularly in the areas of information technology, intellectual property, media and human rights law.

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  • David Mead

    Karen McCullagh

    Karen McCullagh is a lecturer in the School of Law. She is a member of the Executive Committee of BILETA (British & Irish Law, Education & Technology Association) She is also a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Society of Legal Scholars, and Society for Computers & Law, and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She teaches on the Constitutional & Administrative Law, Internet Law and Media Law undergraduate modules. In addition, she teaches on the LLM Modules of Data Protection & Freedom of Information and E-Commerce. Karen's main areas of interest are privacy and data protection, e-democracy and, more generally, the regulation of social media and new technologies e.g. blogging and cloud computing.

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  • Ian Masters

    Ian Masters

    Ian Masters is a British television broadcaster, commentator, author, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. Ian worked for the BBC for more than 25 years, firstly presenting news and current affairs programmes (e.g. Look East). After this he became the Managing Editor of various BBC local radio stations before returning to TV management as Director of BBC TV South.

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  • David Mead

    David Mead

    David Mead is a Professor of law in the UEA Law School and domestic human rights law specialist. His media-related research encompasses protest, dissent and free speech. He is the author of several articles on the regulation of peaceful protests and is also the author of The New Law of Peaceful Protest: Rights and Regulation in the Human Rights Act Era (published by Hart in 2010).

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  • Judith Mehta

    Judith Mehta

    Dr Judith Mehta is primarily a researcher pursuing ongoing interests in rational choice theory and economic methodology. She is particularly interested in the interactions between economics and its cognate disciplines such as philosophy, cultural studies and economic anthropology.

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  • Brett Mills

    Brett Mills

    Dr Brett Mills is a Senior Lecturer in television studies. His teaching and research focuses on popular television forms, in particular comedy. He is especially interested in the sitcom, both historically and institutionally, as well as its national and international inflections.

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  • Andreas Musolff

    Andreas Musolff

    Andreas Musolff is a Professor in the School of Languages and Communications Studies. His research interests are in the areas of Intercultural Communication, Cognitive Linguistics, Political Discourse Analysis, Historical Semantics and Pragmatics and the History of Applied Linguistics. His most recent work has focused on cross-cultural comparison of metaphor use, language and racism, and quotation in intercultural communication.

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